We Process Auto Claims for MA Medical Providers

We pursue EVERY possible payment source in order to maximize cash flow from auto claims for our clients.

We have been maximizing auto claim cash flow for medical providers in Massachusetts since 1997.

Auto claims are notoriously difficult for medical providers seeking payment. Auto insurers have a completely different set of rules for claim submission and benefit coordination. Often times multiple auto insurers are responsible for paying a single bill, and providers end up having to negotiate with personal injury attorneys and claim adjusters.

We currently service medical providers throughout Massachusetts. The majority of our clients are physical therapy & rehabilitation clinics, chiropractors and orthopedic doctors.

MASS Auto/PIP Claim Recovery

We aggressively follow up on all claims.

We track each claim to determine the necessary follow-up documents to get them paid. Our clients see a substantial increase in their cash flow and over all bottom line. Follow-up phone calls to adjusters and personal injury attorneys are made from our call center headquarters in Norwood, MA.

We know that we don't get paid unless you get paid.

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MASS Auto/PIP Claim Recovery

First Day Auto/PIP Claim Billing

We handle first day billing of PIP/Auto claims. Our rates are among the lowest in the industry, and our percentage of recovery is the highest.

We simplify billing for small and mid-sized practices. We successfully convert medical services into cash reimbursements by providing a full range of medical billing services. Our seasoned team of medical coders increase revenues by an average of 5 percent in the first two months.

Outsourcing your billing to our office is a smart solution.

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First day medical billing services


· We execute perfected liens on pending BI CLAIMS
· We scrub patient health plans to determine ERISA QUALIFICATION
· We access MEDPAY and 2nd 6K in PIP PROVISIONS
· We NEGOTIATE SETTLEMENTS with patient attorneys for your unpaid balances

Break through to that 2nd 6K and MedPay for your 2K PIP Exhaust Auto Claims!

2K PIP Exhaust Solutions

ClaimTracker Advantage

Our proprietary ClaimTracker software utilizes scenario specific, decision tree letter strategies which enable us to successfully process high volumes of complex auto claims. Follow-up phone calls to adjusters and personal injury attorneys are made from our call center headquarters in Norwood, MA.

ClaimTracker’s ability to simplify billing and claims processing means you’ll be paid faster, have fewer claims rejected, watch your collection rates improve and enjoy increased revenue.